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Attune Launches New Sensor-Based Platform for OAQ Monitoring


VIENNA, VA.—Attune, an industry leader with the most comprehensive and flexible sensor platform delivering needed real-time data for digital transformation, has launched its new product for outdoor air quality monitoring. The Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring (OAQ) Kit repackages Attune’s UL-2905 Certified indoor air quality monitoring sensors for outdoor use, providing data on air quality around any given site.

Attune’s flexible sensor platform is built from the ground up on solid modular design principles; its many Internet of Things (IoT) innovations have been recognized with the granting of 50 patents. Attune’s modular architecture enables the rapid integration of next-generation sensors, which assures customers that they will receive the best air quality data from the best air quality sensors.

The Rapid pace of air quality product introductions has enabled Attune’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitor to become the first in North America to receive the prestigious UL-2905 Environmental Claim Validation from Global Safety Science Leader, UL Solutions last year. The new OAQ Kit utilizes the same technology base to extend real-time assurance with critical insights of outside air quality. Customers gain complete situational awareness of a site, and alerts when an air threat occurs outdoors.

The OAQ Kit is a multi-sensor, plug-and-play technology product, that detects outdoor air threats like Temperature, Relative Humidity, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Particulate Matter (PM0.3-1.0), Particulate Matter (PM2.5), Particulate Matter (PM10), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Ozone (O3), and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), among others. It is configurable to customer needs.

Provides Warning Before Potential Health Impact

Continuously monitoring the air around a site, the OAQ Kit informs operators with critical data they need to act when air quality becomes dangerous. The sensors accurately measure pollutants such as PM in the air before they become detrimental to health and the health of the environment.

“Attune’s OAQ Kit is a step in the right direction towards mitigating the debilitating effects of poor air quality. We recognize the continuous threat pollution plays in our ecosystem and are excited about the impact these devices will have on individuals and communities,” said Serene Almomen, Co-Founder and CEO of Attune.

The OAQ sensor’s modular architecture provides state-of-the-art accuracy with its radiation shield for temperature and humidity sensors to enhance the accuracy of daytime readings. Its enclosure strategically positions vents and exits that enable a fan to generate active airflow for exposure of the environmental sensors to the outside air. Additional small shutters prevent insects and other objects from entering the enclosure and disrupting outside air quality measurements.

“The science behind Attune’s OAQ Kits is not only compliant with current EPA PM regulations but innovative in that it uses IoT technology to inform users what they are breathing in real-time. In addition, we provide low-cost and easy-to-use customizable tools for all buildings to embrace digital air quality transformation easily,” said Julien Stamatakis, Ph.D. Co-Founder/CTO at Attune.

OAQ Kits provide instant access to data around outdoor space, including construction sites, buildings, and schools, improves health and efficiency, minimizes risk, and enables limitless growth and expansion in real-time monitoring into the future.