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An Example of a Creative & ‘Smokey’ Promotional Package


Offering a unique promotion related to something you have done sustainably can get your company or property in the news and that is exactly what Booking.com has done with its two-night weekend getaway at the new “Smokey Bear Ranger District House” in New Mexico’s Lincoln National Forest, the birthplace of the famed nostalgic environmental icon. After the stay, the sustainable house will be donated to the forest as a place of respite for park rangers and firefighters who dedicate their life’s work to protecting the environment and local communities.

Created out of recycled and sustainable materials, Booking.com’s Smokey Bear Ranger District House was built using resource-efficient construction methods, and is outfitted with smart home technologies and appliances, plus home energy and water conservation practices integrated throughout. In addition to Smokey Bear decor and memorabilia, the home features furnishings, art and more from local businesses, reflective of the culture and community surrounding Lincoln National Forest.

The one-time consumer stay will be bookable for two nights taking place from November 5 to November 7 for $19.50, in honor of the year the real Smokey Bear was rescued from a forest fire. Along with the weekend getaway, guests will be treated to a bike tour through Lincoln National Forest, private cooking lessons with a local chef, a session with a local woodworker using recycled and reclaimed wood from the forest, a local volunteer activity, a meet-and-greet with Smokey Bear himself, and much more.

The stay became bookable today.

What has your property done creatively to put heads in beds? I would love to know. I can be reached at greenlodgingnews@gmail.com.