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american-atelier-logo2American Atelier, Inc. is committed to manufacturing furniture products with the most environmentally friendly technology in an efficient and responsible manner while maintaining our standards of excellence. Four generations of ownership at American Atelier have demonstrated the company’s commitment to excellence by continuously improving our manufacturing processes since our founding in 1920.

AAI sources raw materials through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Our manufacturing process uses water-based adhesives, finishing solvents and stains. We also use recycled materials as specified by our customers without compromising workmanship and durability, while promoting improved local air quality with lower chemical emissions.

Each piece of furniture is hand-wrapped using recycled paper and reusable blankets that are returned to AAI after each delivery. This eliminates cardboard and plastic waste, labor costs to unpack, and the cost of dumpsters. Our suppliers are located within a 500-mile radius of our Allentown, Pa. manufacturing location. All manufacturing is done at this location. We are located within 500 miles of 38 percent of the North American population including all of New England, New York City, Philadelphia, the greater D.C. market, Montreal, etc. Our delivery process supports fuel conservation by scheduling back hauls for every new product delivery.

AAI heats its 160,000-square-foot factory and 40,000-square-foot warehouse by utilizing its own wood waste materials as an alternative to fossil fuels. We are currently working with Weyerhaeuser to source wood from a regenerated forest, and we use water-based finishes as well as glue deemed appropriate for LEED products.

AAI is registered with the NEWH Green Initiative and works to promote efficient operation and negative environmental impact. To learn more, call (610) 439-4040. You may also e-mail jdecamppa@aol.com.