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Air-O-Speed Oven Takes Top Honors at Foodservice Event


FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.—After examining 10 finalists in the Foodservice Consultant Society International (FCSI) 2006 North American Division Symposium’s Innovation Showcase, consultants awarded the air-o-speed by Electrolux Professional the prestigious Product of the Year award.

The air-o-speed is the first high speed combi oven that provides an innovative solution to cooking through a combination of convection, steam, combi (steam and convection) and multi-wave for a completely integrated cooking process. Multi-wave is a patented microwave technology that combines with the other cooking modes to dramatically decrease cooking times, while providing the same quality result of a combi oven. It also allows for the use of metal pans, trays and grids.

The air-o-speed can reduce cook time by 50 percent, thereby increasing productivity, flexibility and generating a better return on the appliance investment. One of the high speed oven’s numerous benefits is that it can cook from frozen to ready-to-serve in one continuous cooking program.

This year’s FCSI Conference was held in late September in Louisville, Kentucky. The three-day event drew more than 200 participants from various facets of the foodservice industry. The Innovation Showcase is designed to recognize manufacturers whose commitment to research and development has resulted in a truly innovative product that is a clear leap forward for the foodservice industry. Products are submitted for consideration, reviewed by a panel of FCSI Fellows and 10 are selected for inclusion in the Showcase. Consultant members then vote for their choice for Product of the Year.

“Our goal in developing the air-o-speed was to create a combi oven that would reduce cooking time dramatically without compromising the versatility and food quality achieved by our air-o-steam line,” says Francesco Maso, product manager for Electrolux Professional. “By adding new multi-wave technology that allows for the use of traditional metal pans inside the unit, the air-o-speed can provide the quality results of a combi oven in half the time, regardless of the food load.”

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