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Accor Launches Its New Employee Value Proposition ‘Hospitality is a Work of Heart’


PARIS—Accor launched its new Employee Value Proposition (EVP)—“Hospitality is a Work of Heart”—as it seeks to showcase the blend of heartfelt experiences and hospitality artistry that forms its unique talent culture while demonstrating what it means to work in the broader industry and ultimately renewing a sense of enchantment for the sector.

The new EVP signature is a response to the ever-evolving hospitality talent landscape which has undergone significant change in recent years. The pandemic significantly impacted staffing levels across the global hospitality industry and gave rise to the “great resignation”. The whole industry has faced the challenge of labor scarcity, navigating through unprecedented hurdles in recruitment and retention efforts.

Today people are increasingly searching for well-being in the workplace, better work-life balance, and purpose-driven jobs. The new generation of talent is actively seeking transparency and authenticity, recognizing these values as foundational pillars for their professional fulfilment and engagement. To remedy this, the sector needs to highlight its unique strengths while transparently acknowledging the inevitable challenges it faces, all the while cultivating an environment of authenticity. Accor is dedicated to bringing a new shine to the hospitality industry, reaffirming its long-standing commitment to fostering innovation and creating meaningful opportunities for its people.

All Employees are ‘Heartists’

Accor is focused on attracting, developing, and retaining talent. People make up the very DNA of the Group and Accor has created a strong employer brand centered around nurturing 330,000 employees working across its expansive network spanning 5,500+ hotels in 110 countries and 45+ brands from ultra-luxury to economy. Everyone who works in the Accor network is a Heartist, a shared identity and culture which creates a community of empowerment. Being a Heartist is about the art of connecting with others in an authentic way. The new EVP signature is the Heartist experience perfectly distilled: “Hospitality is a Work of Heart”.

The EVP is built upon and brought to life through four core pillars, each encapsulating the distinctive benefits of working for Accor:

  • “Be All You Are”—represents the diverse and inclusive culture Accor has fostered which celebrates autonomy, creativity, and individuality. The Group has created an internal network called RiiSE to promote gender equality and diversity, eliminate all forms of discrimination and harassment, and empower women within the company. The network also offers mentoring opportunities for its members. Currently, 28 percent of Accor’s hotel general managers are women, and as part of this pillar, the Group will continue to strive toward its target of 40 percent by the end of 2025. Additionally, Accor takes pride in its partnership with IGLTA, a leading global network of LGBTQ+ welcoming tourism businesses, to ensure that hospitality is an inclusive space for all.
  • “Grow & Create Your Path”—Represents the Group’s deeply ingrained culture of learning. Hospitality is a “School of Life”, functioning as a true social elevator, and Accor provides boundless training opportunities with programs such as Reveal Talent which was created to boost the career development of Heartists that haven’t undertaken higher education. Accor Academy, established for over 30 years, offers employees training programs covering various areas such as brand immersion, luxury, and revenue management. In total and across all its many initiatives, Accor provided over 6 million hours of training benefiting more the 190,000 employees worldwide in 2023 alone and has more than 250 partnerships with schools and universities around the world.
  • “Work with Purpose”—Represents Accor’s commitment to providing Heartists with the opportunity to create memorable experiences for guests while making a positive and sustainable impact. The Group pioneered its School For Change sustainability learning journey which provides talent with knowledge and solutions to address environmental and social challenges. Accor promotes volunteering initiatives like Heartists for Good, which encourages Heartists to engage by allocating one day per year for volunteer activities during their working hours.
  • “Enjoy & Feel Valued”—Represents Accor’s recognition and appreciation of its Heartists’ dedication. The Group is dedicated to fostering a culture of feedback and continuous listening to better understand the evolving environments of its teams. Initiatives such as the Bernaches Awards, which recognize outstanding projects led by Accor’s employees each year, and the All Heartist Employee Benefit program, which allows every employee to enjoy benefits across various domains in the hospitality universe (Travel, Gourmet, Wellness, and Sport), further exemplify Accor’s commitment to its workforce.

Steven Daines, Chief Talent & Culture Officer Accor, commented: “Hospitality has the unique power to create and accelerate career opportunities; it is a world like no other. Our new Employer Brand signature—Hospitality is a Work of Heart—illustrates not only the beauty of working at Accor, but also aims to attract talent to join what is a blessed industry. I’m proud to unveil our new Employee Value Proposition as we continue to rally our teams of Heartists, across all functions, countries, divisions, and brands as part of our ambition to change lives. Working in hospitality is more than just having a job—it’s an opportunity to work with passion and embark on a journey of the heart.”