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A Hotel? Or, an Unidentified Floating Object?

Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio

According to the Robb Report, Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) is planning a spinning 152-suite hotel for Qatar that will float and feature the latest green technology—a combination of technologies never before seen in the lodging industry.

“The futuristic design is characterized by its unique ability to spin and produce clean energy just like a giant hydro generator,” the article says. “As per the project specs shared by HAADS, the hotel generates electricity by automatically rotating its position and converting the energy of flowing water into electricity. To achieve this, the structure is equipped with a set of propellers and thrusters below the waterline that are controlled by a sophisticated computer system.

“The hotel, which will eventually span more than 376,000 square feet, or roughly 8.6 acres, also sports 55 vertical wind turbines that can generate 25 kW of electricity each and double as sun umbrellas for guests. The vortex-shaped roof is not only a striking design feature, it helps to collect rainwater. Other environmentally friendly touches include a system that turns food waste into fertilizer for the gardens and a wastewater treatment setup.”

The firm has set a completion date of 2025.