DeepStream Designs’ custom trash and recycling receptacles coordinate with your property’s décor with panels made from wood, recycled plastic lumber, decorative resin, metals, stone, and laminates, framed by marine-anodized aluminum legs. Our receptacles, modular garden planters, and custom fixtures are engineered and constructed to endure for generations, reducing the impact on the Earth’s resources, and providing the lowest cost of ownership over time. Made in USA by American craftsmen. Please call (305) 857-0466.




We have a wealth of experience providing tailored and effective waste management solutions to a number of organizations both large and small. From reception spaces to guestrooms to dining areas, our range of capacities, styles and colors will accommodate any lodging environment. Can’t find your desired waste stream? Not a problem—we can personalize your bins to be as unique as you are! We also supply coordinating trash containers and ash receptacles. Call us toll free (855) 874-5273 or Live Chat with us at http://www.glasdon.com.



The reCollect2® recycler is a 3 piece set which includes 10 qt. wastebasket, matching recycle bin and base. Select message(s) of your choice to be printed on the individual bins and base. Manufactured from reprocessed plastic products, the reCollect2 offers a clean, cohesive and streamline silhouette. Each reCollect2 set measures 15.25” x 12.25” x 12” high. Proudly made in Wisconsin, USA. Please call (262) 527-9375 or visit http://www.reCollect2recycler.com for more information.



Have you been looking for attractive Recyclers that showcase your green initiatives? T2 offers a choice of steel, fiberglass, sustainable hardwoods, marble and slate construction. One site for product information and pricing. We offer recycling products for high profile areas, guestrooms and “back of the house.” Customization is available. We also offer coordinating planters, benches and trash containers. Call (847) 579-9003.