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Whittaker Research Examines Perceptions of Dirty Carpet


NEW CASTLE, PENN.First impressions start from the ground up according to new research from Whittaker, a leader in low-moisture carpet cleaning. The survey, conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of Whittaker March 26 to 30, 2020 among 2,012 U.S. adults ages 18 and older, found that a majority of Americans (93 percent) say dirty carpet with stains, animal hair or food residue in a facility would negatively impact their perception of that business/organization. Dirty carpet in a hotel would negatively impact four in five Americans’ (80 percent) perceptions of the business.

“Hotel guests are observant of the way properties maintain their interiors,” said Joe Bshero, Director of Technical Services at Whittaker. “This research demonstrates just how important it is for hotels to ensure a good first impression by properly maintaining carpet.”

The survey also detailed which actions Americans would take as a result of encountering unkempt carpet. More than half of Americans (58 percent) would assume the facility is not clean, while 56 percent would look for an alternative facility to use/go to and half (50 percent) would spend less time in the facility. Additionally, 47 percent of Americans would tell friends, family or colleagues about the lack of cleanliness in the facility. These actions can gravely impact profitability and a hotel’s long-term success.

“A thorough carpet care program that utilizes low-moisture encapsulation machines and high-quality chemistry allows facilities to maintain consistently cleaner carpet,” added Bshero. “Not only does stain-free carpet look more welcoming, it has the power to help hotels uphold their reputation and keep guests returning.”

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