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tsfsT2 Site Amenities is a leading supplier of upscale recycling receptacles to the hospitality industry. Our products are found in the top hotel brands including Westin, Sheraton, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Disney and Radisson.

We believe in offering our clients the widest possible choices of styles and materials. This includes stainless steel, powder coated steel, aluminum, fine woods, molded composites, recycled plastics, concrete, and natural stone.

To lower the carbon footprint, 99 percent of our products are made in the United States or Canada.

Recycled content varies on given products and materials used and ranges from 10 percent to 100 percent.  All of our products are 100 percent recyclable. The woods are FSC certified.

Our recycling products are typically used in lobbies, meeting spaces, elevator bays, entrances, pool side, offices, back of the house and guestrooms.

We believe in working closely with properties in defining the recycling receptacles that would best suit their aesthetic, operational and cost requirements.  Many custom options as well.

Besides recyclers, T2 also has a beautiful array of pool towel valets, planters, benches and bike racks.

Call (847) 579-9003 or e-mail info@t2-sa.com for more information.