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Soul Community Planet Opens First SCP Hotel in Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.—Soul Community Planet (SCP) announced the opening of its first SCP Hotel in Colorado Springs after a nine-month, $6 million renovation. The 98,000 square-foot, 176-room property, located at the base of the majestic Pikes Peak, is in its final stages of renovation.

SCP Hotels represents a fresh holistic hospitality concept for both travelers and the surrounding community. Inside each SCP Hotel, guests will find opportunities to recharge their minds, refresh their bodies and re-center their souls, while connecting with fellow travelers and the community. SCP Hotels aims to help make the planet a better place through the extensive use of green materials, eco-friendly products, solar energy, sustainable practices and water conserving fixtures.

“We’re pleased to introduce SCP Hotels with the opening of the SCP Hotel Colorado Springs,” said Ken Cruse, Co-founder and CEO of Soul Community Planet. “SCP Hotels represent the core values of holistic hospitality: personal wellness (Soul), social connections (Community) and sustainable practices (Planet). Our goal is to provide simple, pure, hand-crafted experiences for people who want to make positive choices for themselves and for the planet.”

‘Eco-Industrial’ Design

Led by celebrity designer Kelli Ellis of HGTV and The Design Network, the renovation took an outmoded, but well-located hotel down to its bones, and then used eco-friendly and recycled materials to extensively transform the property into what is now the new SCP Hotel Colorado Springs. The hotel’s clean “eco-industrial” design includes generous collaborative spaces for guests and community to work, socialize and meet. The SCP Hotel Colorado Springs also offers the first SCP Fit—a 12,000 square-foot state-of-the-art health and wellness venue, which will open this summer.

“My goal was to create an edgy, cool vibe with this property that will resonate as a gathering place for guests, as well as the local community,” said Ellis. “The interiors are accented with industrial ceilings, hand painted murals and subtle metallic elements. The use of reclaimed wood, living green walls, exposed brick, soft lighting and polished concrete create an earthy, eco-industrial feel throughout that we’re really proud of.”

SCP Hotel Colorado Springs Details

The 98,000 square-foot property is conveniently located off I-25, minutes from popular travel and tourist destinations, including Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, the Olympic Training Center and the Air Force Training Academy. The 176 guest rooms are meticulously crafted with reclaimed and beetle kill wood, as well as other sustainable elements. The 2,000 square-foot lobby includes co-working spaces, a 500 square-foot meeting room and free Wi-Fi for guests. Ten original murals grace the property, along with two living walls—one interior and one exterior. The living walls are planted with native, drought-tolerant succulents—each serving as elegant centerpieces. The SCP Hotel Colorado Springs is part of the Colorado Proud initiative.

Guests will find locally-sourced food, craft beer and gourmet coffee in the 1,000 square-foot SCP Market, which opens later this summer. Additionally, the property includes flexible accommodations for international and student workers.

For the Soul

Wellness is a primary focus of the property. The hotel’s health and wellness club—SCP Fit—along with the SCP Market, will offer activities and wholesome food options to support guests’ desire to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle during their stay.

For the Community

Guests will find the property buzzing with community events from weekly food truck meet-ups to special musical guests. Locals can enjoy craft beer and gourmet coffee, organic, locally sourced food, and artwork by local artists displayed throughout the property. Local farmers’ markets, “Ted-style” talks and inviting co-working opportunities are all planned for the property.

For the Planet

Efforts to help the planet include a 75 KW solar array, the use of eco-friendly cleaning products, water conserving fixtures, recycled materials, drinking water filtration systems, a smart thermostat system, and four electric vehicle charging stations.

Gus Krimm, SCP Hotel Colorado Springs General Manager, added, “We approached the renovation through a holistic lens. Instead of tearing down and rebuilding, we sought ways to use the basic infrastructure of the existing hotel while incorporating a range of innovative, sustainable and non-toxic materials in our renovation. Our goal was to bring guests an experience where they can rest and refresh in a healthy environment, connect with community, and make a positive difference for the planet.”

Through its parent company, Soul Community Planet, LLC, SCP Hotels also will donate 5 percent of its profits to charitable causes that share its values.