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Solve Your Water and Heating Needs With Clean and FREE Renewable Solar Energy!!! Solar America Solutions brings very affordable Solar Thermal Energy to hotel facilities and operations. We are committed to providing renewable energy products that are truly revolutionary and more energy efficient than any other like product on the market today. Consider integrating our SunQuest 250™ solar thermal energy system into your existing hot water and space heating systems. Our SunQuest 250™ easily retrofits into almost any existing hot water or space heat system and is proven to work extremely well in cloudy and cold conditions. Our third generation and patented SunQuest 250™ solar thermal collectors are 96% efficient and are a mechanically simple system with only one moving part!

Our solar collectors are warranted for 10 years against 1″ hail and 150 MPH winds and are SRCC certified and ARRA compliant (Made in America). Become a responsible corporate citizen by reducing your use of fossil fuels by 50 to 60%, reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil and reducing greenhouse gases and carbon emissions by up to 60%. You can still take advantage of the U.S. Federal 30% tax credit but ACT NOW—we don’t know when Congress will decide to not renew this valuable initiative! Also, apply for Government GRANTS to help pay for your system. Let us show you how Solar Thermal Energy can work for YOU!

Contact Charlie Slavik at (317) 833-9961, or e-mail charlie@solaramericasolutions.com today to discuss how our systems can be applied to your specific heating needs.