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SCP Hotels Adopt EarthCheck for Benchmarking, Certification

SCP Hilo

LAGUNA BEACH, CALIF.—Soul Community Planet (SCP) Hotels—a holistic hospitality company founded on the values of wellness, social good and sustainability—announced it has partnered with EarthCheck, a leading scientific benchmarking, certification and advisory group for travel and tourism, to provide scientific benchmarking and certification of its company-wide regenerative practices.

EarthCheck helps businesses, communities, and governments to evaluate their environmental footprint, improve sustainability and enhance business performance. SCP Hotels’ certification is done in two phases including Benchmarking—the quantitative evaluation of a property’s environmental and social performance, and then Certification—the verification of those standards by an approved independent third party EarthCheck Auditor.

While the full process can often take many months, SCP Hilo has become the first property in Hawaii to be benchmarked by EarthCheck. SCP Hilo has achieved Bronze Benchmarked recognition and is expected to achieve Silver Certified status within the coming year. EarthCheck has identified the Big Island property as a regional leader in the performance categories of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and community contributions.

‘The Most Effective Framework’

“Now is the time to travel in ways that consciously give thanks to Mother Earth for unconditionally nurturing our bodies and souls. We’re honored to serve a community of travelers that embraces this notion,” said Ken Cruse, Soul Community Planet Co-Founder and CEO. “The idea of regenerative travel—travel that leaves the places we visit better off than they were before we came—is attainable. We’re pleased to be working with EarthCheck to help ensure that we’re incorporating the best ideas, the most effective framework, and a high degree of accountability as we work to provide our guests with truly regenerative travel experiences.”

EarthCheck Founder and CEO Stewart Moore noted that places where people want to visit and stay—and that are sustainable—do not happen by chance: they are a product of visionary thinking and commitment by leaders.

Moore added, “We are excited to be partnering with SCP Hotels. Achieving sustainable tourism requires collaboration, determination, and systematic planning across an organization. SCP Hotels join a select group of leading hospitality operators worldwide taking a holistic and strategic approach to corporate citizenship, net-zero pathways, and communication.”

Solar & EV Charging Stations

SCP’s commitment also includes ensuring each stay at an SCP Hotel is good for the planet by eliminating single use plastic bottles and plastic shower amenities, using eco-friendly materials in planned renovations, and incorporating new energy-efficient systems and solar power. At SCP Hilo, this effort has been enhanced through a recent $4.6 million renovation that will include the installation of solar and EV charging stations.

SCP announced last year plans to achieve net-zero waste company-wide in 2022 to better combat the hospitality industry’s devastating throw-away practices.

Other SCP Hotels that are undergoing the process to become EarthCheck certified include SCP Redmond (Ore.), Salishan Coastal Lodge in Gleneden Beach, Ore.; and newly acquired properties in Laguna Beach (SCP Laguna Beach and SCP Seven4One).