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‘Saving Green by Going Green’ is New Book by MeetGreen


PORTLAND, ORE.—Saving Green by Going Green, a new book from MeetGreen, focuses on the business case for green meetings and then digs into the step by step process to put a sustainability framework into action.

The term “green meetings” is a common one to most event planners these days. Even if they don’t actually implement green practices, they’ve heard about it, along with the misconception that they cost more to produce. Most books, seminars and webinars on the topic focus on the “why” of sustainable events and then a few go into the basic “how.” Very few have dug deeply into the structure of how to effectively implement a sustainable workflow and framework, in a cost effective way, that takes the meeting planner from the initial planning and contract phase through project completion, tracking and reporting on the outcome.

Nancy Zavada, Amy Spatrisano and Shawna McKinley, the authors, have spent years fine-tuning the processes necessary to create sustainable, cost effective meetings that go beyond the “doing the right thing” stance. They get to the heart of how to save time, money and keep in line with sustainability practices throughout the event planning process. The book includes forms, checklists and vendor requests to assist planners in making and measuring sustainable choices while simultaneously cutting costs.

“We were inspired to write and publish this book when we saw many organizations that were interested in engaging in green practices hesitate or stop all together because they believed it would end up costing more,” says author Amy Spatrisano. “In essence, they were saying ‘we’re going to work on being sustainable when we can afford it.’ Our intention is for this book to prove that in many cases sustainable practices actually save you money. Now is exactly the time to be incorporating green practices, because green practices are smart business practices.”

The new book will be released in July and will be available at www.meetgreen.com.