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Reid Witlin LTD Launches Muse Collection


NORTHRIDGE, CALIF.—In what is being hailed as Reid Witlin’s largest collection to date, The Muse Collection contains 19 patterns totaling 230 sku’s. The Muse Collection consists of patterns and colors that are specifically designed for guestrooms as well as public spaces, casinos and any space where design and function collide. Patterns range from sheers and vinyls to Crypton and Bella Dura Indoor-Outdoor upholstery fabrics. Design Director, Cat Stevens stated, “We’ve tried to invoke the style and beauty that hotel design requires while maintaining all relevant technical specifications that hotel design demands. We feel we have succeeded across all fronts.”

The Crypton patterns are woven to withstand high traffic areas such as guestrooms and casino seating. Patterns include Inn N’ Out, Is That A Thing, Kryptonite, Motel California and The Sh!t. Each Crypton pattern boasts a minimum of 50,000 rubs and are GREENGUARD Gold Certified, helping to create healthier, more sustainable indoor environments.

Dead Head

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use are two exclusive stripe designs with proprietary color ways woven from 100 percent Bella Dura Polyolefin and range from 50,000-75,000 double rubs; both patterns are guaranteed to enhance any property’s overall landscape whether inside or out. Strippin’ comes in 8 sku’s colorways and is 50,000 double rubs. Wesley Stripes comes in 9 sku’s and is 75,000 double rubs. All of the exclusively designed Bella Dura products pass NFPA 260 and UFAC Class 1 for fire ratings, exceed 1,500 hours of light fastness for outdoor use and can be bleach cleaned with a 10:1 dilution mix if needed and come finished with Sureguard finish. In addition, these patterns are also anti-microbial and mildew resistant and best of all, are produced 100 percent in the United States.

Gone To Plaid offers a rustic, lodge-like feel and was created with colors to evoke the mountain feel. Offered in 8 colorways and 54″, this item reaches 50,000 double rubs.

Burlap Blues is a woven, 118″ wide drapery product that was used to tie the entire collection together; Suitable for any vertical application, this item is featured in a neutral in color palette and passes NFPA 701 with treatment.

Pictured is Dead Head, a radiant tie-dye effect on vinyl. Offered in 6 colorways, this pattern is 100 percent polyester, 54′ wide and reaches 50,000 double rubs.