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copy%20of%20pure_gradient_rgbCNN named PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms as one of the hottest trends emerging in the hospitality industry. While supplying air that that is 10 times cleaner than outside air, the PURE Process provides potential energy savings of 15 percent.

PURE Rooms have been referred to, by some hotel executives, as one of the few real innovations in the hospitality industry in years. Most importantly, hotels are making money with these rooms. Hotels with PURE Rooms are charging a $10 to $50 premium depending on the season and scale of the property. And when the American Lung Assn. reports that 25 percent of Americans suffer from allergies, that means that at least one in four guests checking in at a hotel is looking for something that can help make their stay more comfortable.

PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms is the most comprehensive system in the hospitality industry for reducing potential allergens and improving indoor air quality. The patent pending process involves seven specific interventions that are designed to nearly eliminate the issues in a hotel room that can trigger allergens—mold spores, dust, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, airborne particulate, to name a few.

A survey by Cornell University’s Survey Research Institute shows:

• 83 percent of travelers prefer an allergy friendly room;
• 59 percent said they would choose one hotel over another based on the availability of these rooms;
• 58 percent are willing to pay a premium for an allergy friendly room, regardless of whether they have allergies.

“The level of guest satisfaction and increase in RevPAR has caused us to add PURE Rooms to four more properties.”—Tom Kammerer, Thayer Lodging

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Guests love the rooms….hoteliers love the healthy returns.