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PROOF Launches Sprayless Treatment for Bed Bugs


VANCOUVER, B.C.—PROOF by Terramera launched a new plant-based consumer pest control product: PROOF Bed Bug Nest Killer. This product features PROOF Vapor Pad which is an easy-to-use, sprayless treatment that penetrates deep using plant-based vapor action to kill bed bugs, their eggs and nests.

Powered by Terramera’s patented Actigate Targeted Performance Technology, PROOF Vapor Pad is 100 percent effective, allowing users to treat for bed bugs in as little as 48 hours. Unlike sprays, PROOF Vapor Pad penetrates deep into the cracks and crevices of items that can’t be laundered such as suitcases, electronics, books, luggage, clutter, furniture, beds and more.

“Bedbug infestations are on the rise across the globe, creating a demand for safer, smarter natural pest control solutions,” said Darren Hawrish, General Manager of Terramera’s consumer PROOF brand. “The vapor pad brings something entirely new to the table, providing a powerful plant-based solution that consumers can feel good about knowing it uses a non-toxic mode of action, is US-EPA registered and extensively lab-tested. We’re proud to be providing a suite of SMART pest control products that help protect families, homes and the planet.”

Available in Two Formats

PROOF Vapor Pad is available online in two formats: (1) PROOF Bed Bug Nest Killer Mattress & Furniture which includes four treatment vapor pads and a treatment bag large enough for a king-sized mattress, and (2) PROOF Bed BugNest Killer Luggage & Household Items which includes two treatment vapor pads and a treatment bag.

“One of the biggest problems that people encounter when trying to control bed bugs is that the bugs lay eggs in tight crevices and places other than the bed,” said Dr. Nate Woodbury, Terramera’s Senior Entomologist. “If spraying doesn’t successfully penetrate these areas, or if the items simply can’t be sprayed, it is likely that some bugs will survive and the infestation will continue. PROOF Vapor Pad allows you to treat items which can’t be sprayed and is effective at killing bugs and eggs that are hidden in deep crevices, greatly increasing your chance of killing all the bugs, eliminating bites and reducing the risk of the infestation spreading.”

Competitor products currently available in this category are overwhelmingly kill-on-contact sprays that require the user to spend considerable time and effort and leave a large margin for error. PROOF Bed Bug Nest Killer is the first tool that will kill bed bugs and their eggs—no matter where they are hiding. Used in combination with PROOF Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer spray, consumers now have a full suite of powerful, plant-based treatment tools as part of PROOF’s SMART pest control product line.