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Pineapple Introduces Environmentally Sensitive Soaps, Shampoos and More


SAINT CHARLES, MO.—Pineapple Hospitality introduces its line of Environmentally Sensitive Amenities. The 100 percent biodegradable line of bottled soaps, shampoos, and other products provide an alternative to traditional hotel toiletries and other amenities. They deliver high quality for guests, help hoteliers keep costs down, and reduce the amount of waste entering landfills.

“We are concerned about the environment, and that’s why Environmentally Sensitive Amenities are packaged with 100 percent recyclable, non-bleached board, and are vegetable-based soaps and organic formulations with minimal preservatives,” says Ray Burger, president of Pineapple Hospitality. “Hotel and resort managers across the United States have found Environmentally Sensitive Amenities not only help them protect the environment, but also help create positive guest experiences.”

“Our resort is located on a tribal reservation in northwest Washington,” says Samuel Askew, hotel director for the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort. “Everything we do is geared toward the environment, from development to expansion to the products we use in our guestrooms. Because we know Environmentally Sensitive Amenities work with nature, we know we’re doing the right thing for our land.”

Askew says that since the resort began using Environmentally Sensitive Amenities almost one year ago, its amenities rating on guest surveys skyrocketed.

Positive Guest Feedback

“People just love these products,” Askew says. “With other amenities we’ve tried, guests didn’t like the way they were perfumed or they didn’t work well with our water. We’ve had very positive feedback regarding the Environmentally Sensitive Amenities. The ESA line is packed with great products that come in attractive packages at attractive prices. We will definitely keep using them.”

Guests at The Parkway Hotel in St. Louis also are concerned about the environment and are keenly aware of the bathroom amenities provided, but for a different reason.

“We’re located next to a hospital, so a lot of families that stay here either have allergies or are concerned about hygiene after visiting patients,” says Marion Pearson, director of services for the 220-room hotel. “We get a lot of great comments from guests after their stays. They want to know more about the Environmentally Sensitive Amenities products we’re using because they like them so much.”

Pearson says some of the products The Parkway Hotel uses are the oatmeal soaps, almond hand and body lotion, and honey conditioning shampoo. The property also stocks Environmentally Sensitive Amenities vanity kits, make-up remover wipes and shower caps.

“We’re doing what we can here to protect the environment,” Pearson says. “Our entire facility is nonsmoking, we try not to use too many chemicals, and we’re working hard to conserve water. The Environmentally Sensitive Amenities fit right into our mission. They’re great products at great prices.”

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