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Originators of Glamping Introduce Glamping 2.0 With Opening of The Green O

Round Haus

GREENOUGH, MONT.—The highest level of Glamping 2.0 has arrived, as The Green O readies for its debut in the mountains in the Blackfoot River Valley of western Montana. Created by the founders of The Resort at Paws Up, The Green O is a new adults-only, year-round luxury contemporary retreat. It will offer exclusive experiences in 12 design-forward accommodations—from an elevated Tree Haus to a Green Haus with a living roof, all with floor-to-ceiling windows offering unobstructed views of the Montana wilderness. Opening in Summer 2020, this new forest hideaway will celebrate the heritage of Montana with architecture, cuisine and guest experiences inspired by the land.

Glamping, a trend coined by Paws Up in 2004, is a way to experience untamed and completely unique parts of the world without having to sacrifice the creature comforts of luxury accommodations. Glamping is much more than staying in a nice tent. The Green O is introducing year-round glamping Hauses, featuring modern architecture concealed under a canopy of towering pines and immersed in nature. Guests will reside in one of 12 structures in four unique designs, each built to accommodate a maximum of two adults. Each Haus will come equipped with a personal Lexus vehicle to explore the 37,000-acre property.

At the center of The Green O will be a freestanding private restaurant venue (the Social Haus), including a lounge area, a dining area, an open kitchen concept and panoramic views of the unspoiled forest. Guests will also have access to a lookout tower with 360-degree views of the surroundings. With menus that will change frequently, sometimes daily, The Green O kitchen will serve small, shareable plates, with nourishing entrees and artful desserts created by Executive Chef Sunny Jin. Meals will be focused around creative and healthy ingredients and include a rich variety of seasonal favorites.

Overview of Accommodations

Tree Haus

Tree Haus—Elevated 15 feet in the air, the Tree Haus will feature two stories of living space. Ascend a glass-encased spiral staircase to a living room and then on to a master bedroom suite. Floor-to-ceiling windows will give guests the perfect vantage for admiring the forest. Two separate terraces provide foliage-level views of the surrounding wilderness, and guests can enjoy a ground-level hot tub.

Green Haus—Part woodland bunker and part modern museum, the Green Haus will feature a living roof—a garden exploding with native grasses—turning its rooftop terrace into a meadow-like perch. A skylight above the bed will have guests gazing at constellations all through the night. A pitched ceiling creates a large atrium over the glass-encased living room.

Round Haus—The stylish Round Haus will give guests license to wander. Its edgy design is a result of its curves. Both its living room and bedroom will offer 180-degree window views, situating couples right in the center of the forest. Guests can relax in a sunken seating area with a two-sided fireplace or head to a rooftop terrace with panoramic views.

Light Haus—A glass bump-out design with an oversized skylight will bring the stars right inside the guests’ bedroom. Pine foliage provides privacy while guests soak in their own hot tub on the inviting outdoor deck. There will be two glowing fireplaces.

Mind, Body, Spirit—Outdoors, guests will be invited to push the limits of their bodies, minds and spirits by engaging in 50+ thrilling activities, such as ATV tours and horseback riding, to more centering pursuits like forest bathing and spa treatments (either under canvas or in-Haus).

Greenough: It’s a Montana Tale

On land that was a patchwork of homesteads, fields and woods, a scion by the name of Paul Greenough established a ranch in 1915. After acquiring the original 3,800 acres, he stocked herds of sheep, cattle and horses. A man with a well-known sense of humor, Greenough decided to brand his sheep by painting them with a big green “O.” Years later, the town of Greenough, Montana, was named in his honor.

“The Green O was created in response to innumerable requests from guests of Paws Up for year-round, adult-only glamping,” says resort co-owner Laurence Lipson. “We wanted to create an adult-only destination with edgy, contemporary architectural designs, where guests could be as one with nature as possible. We’re thrilled to introduce a sophisticated design-forward hideaway that is unlike anything else in the world.”