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Natureplex Introduces Natural Bed Bug Killer to Lodging Industry


MEMPHIS—Natureplex LLC has introduced SleepTight Bed Bug Killer to the lodging industry. The new bio-pesticide is aimed at the growing global bed bug problem. With SleepTight, Natureplex becomes perhaps the first bio-based product company to re-enter the battle against bed bugs, once thought to be largely eradicated in the United States.

Natureplex expects SleepTight will be a new tool in the fight against an old foe. During past infestations, bed bug numbers were largely decimated by powerful chemicals like DDT. However, DDT has long been banned. Company officials hope to appeal to increased environmental concerns with a product that gets rid of bed bugs, while still being eco-friendly and non-toxic to people and pets.

The company intends to make SleepTight available to direct consumers for home use, the hospitality industry for regular maintenance usage, and to “green” pest control professionals.

“We had been tracking the growth in reported bed bug cases for some time,” says Joe Skelley, vice president of research and development for Natureplex LLC. “However, in 2005, we began to see cases involving lawsuits and temporary rental property closures, and reports of infestations in properties at all levels of the industry throughout the country. Because of increased international travel, they are turning up in hotels, apartment complexes, condos, hostels, dorms, homes—seemingly everywhere. We expect our product to be a modern solution to this problem and to provide a balance between effective treatment and environmental responsibility.”

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