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Manchester Mills
Creating Smarter Textile Solutions with the Hotelier in Mind

As a leading global hospitality textile supplier, Manchester Mills is committed to meeting customer needs. We engineer smarter textile solutions through a team of creators, innovators and partners to produce sheeting, top of bed, bath & pool towels and basic bedding products. With key focus in research & development, design & engineering and strategic manufacturing, we have over 25 global patents and 10 unique inventions. Beyond durable bed linens and ultra-absorbent bath towels, we’re mindful of our choices and their impact on the world. Our commitment to thoughtful, actionable environmental and social responsibility is ingrained in our processes to provide world class products. Call (833) 626-4557.



Meet the Sustainable Towel Company Disrupting the Hospitality Space

Anact is founded on the belief that we are all equal and are all deserving of a good life and that you can be sustainable without a sacrifice. This conviction flows through everything we do by taking simple acts that create positive impact. Our people-first philosophy has led us to challenge an industry which is ripe for positive change. Our founder, an industry veteran, has seen first-hand the ethical dilemmas that exist in the textile industry. By sharing these typically unknown realities and providing a positive solution, we help to create good for everyone. What is our solution? Towels made using hemp and organic cotton. Our towels—the only product like them on the market—have the highest performance features (durability, resist the growth of bacteria, fast drying, and ultra-absorbent) and are made completely from the Earth’s natural resources with no pesticides, dyes, or additives. Anact. Better for all people and the planet.