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The Future of Hotel Linens Has Arrived

Through our integrated closed-loop, recycling system Pürlin’s Laundry-Free Linens satisfy the Hospitality Industry’s need to provide safe clean linens while protecting the environment. Pürlin allows your guests to rest comfortably knowing that they’re the only ones to ever sleep on Pürlin’s soft, hypoallergenic, single use sheets. Utilizing the same man-made micro-fiber technology safely used in baby diapers and personal hygiene products for over 30 years, Pürlin simulates cotton without the use of dyes, pesticides, or chemicals. Pürlin consumes a fraction of the water required for cotton-based sheets and creates zero waste, making it the leader in 21st Century Sustainable linens. Call (941) 504-3463.



Manchester Mills
Creating Smarter Textile Solutions with the Hotelier in Mind

As a leading global hospitality textile supplier, Manchester Mills is committed to meeting customer needs. We engineer smarter textile solutions through a team of creators, innovators and partners to produce sheeting, top of bed, bath & pool towels and basic bedding products. With key focus in research & development, design & engineering and strategic manufacturing, we have over 25 global patents and 10 unique inventions. Beyond durable bed linens and ultra-absorbent bath towels, we’re mindful of our choices and their impact on the world. Our commitment to thoughtful, actionable environmental and social responsibility is ingrained in our processes to provide world class products. Call (833) 626-4557.