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The Future of Hotel Linens Has Arrived

Through our integrated closed-loop, recycling system Pürlin’s Laundry-Free Linens satisfy the Hospitality Industry’s need to provide safe clean linens while protecting the environment. Pürlin allows your guests to rest comfortably knowing that they’re the only ones to ever sleep on Pürlin’s soft, hypoallergenic, single use sheets. Utilizing the same man-made micro-fiber technology safely used in baby diapers and personal hygiene products for over 30 years, Pürlin simulates cotton without the use of dyes, pesticides, or chemicals. Pürlin consumes a fraction of the water required for cotton-based sheets and creates zero waste, making it the leader in 21st Century Sustainable linens. Call (941) 504-3463.



Majestic International
Majestic International

At Majestic International, Hospitality has always been a vital part of our company throughout our 90+ year history. Our mission is to provide quality product and superior personalized service. We are proud to offer the finest robe, towel, and slipper selection designed to meet the needs of our hotel and spa clients around the world. We offer an eco-friendly robe and towel program that requires less detergent, saves 20% in drying time and reduces water consumption by 30%. They are 100% natural and biodegradable yet thick and thirsty and luxurious. Our biodegradable slipper made from jute will reduce our landfills yet pamper your guests. Call (203) 373-1853.