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LightArt Introduces Wood-Inspired Lampshades That Glow


SEATTLE—Award-winning lighting innovator LightArt brings natural materials to light with their first curated selection of wood grain colors and shades. Introducing Woods is a collection of wood-inspired shades and laser-cut patterns for LightArt’s signature fixtures. Designed with parent company 3form’s signature Varia resin, the biophilic print materials emulate complex textures found in nature and come to life with LightArt’s LED lighting technology. Named after six prominent tree types—Black Ash, Cherry, Grey Oak, Walnut, Wenge, and White Oak—the Woods colorways showcase the diverse possibilities of LightArt’s offerings with 3form materials at their fingertips. The colors are also available with two laser-cut patterns—Sequence and Vade—bringing extra geometry and luminosity to LightArt’s fixtures.

“Wood is classic and familiar in most areas of design, but it’s an unexpected material for lighting due to its opaque nature,” says LightArt’s founder and Chief Creative Officer, Ryan Smith. “Woods’ illuminated translucency makes it easy for designers to incorporate wood textures in a new way.”

The colorways range from White Oak, a creamy, beige tone with tan veining throughout; to Walnut, a rich, solid shade of chocolate brown with dark brown streaks; and Black Ash, a dark, moody tone that softly glows when illuminated. The first cutout pattern, Vade, features parallel stripes that splice the organically veined graphic material. Sequence is a cutout pattern with edged lines resembling a tree root system. Paired with the intricate wood grains, brings geometric contrast to the organic material. When illuminated, the Woods patterns add depth to the resin graphics and cast shadows.

“A lot of materials come and go out of style, but wood is always timeless,” says Smith. “We crave tactile, textured things and durable, naturally-inspired materials like the Woods Collection can be here to stay.”

Each Fixture Makes a Statement on Its Own

The Woods Collection is available with LightArt’s Coutour Cigar pendant, a cocoon-like fixture with open seams for atmospheric light; I/O Drum, which stands for inner and outer shade, with the outer shade featuring the Varia material; and LA2 Three Beam, a classic LightArt fixture with a sharp rectangular shape. Each fixture makes a statement on its own but anchor a space when specified in a cluster.

Instead of working with real wood, which can be heavy, expensive, and difficult to clean in high-traffic spaces, 3form’s Varia is lightweight, easily formable, and cost-competitive. The Woods fixtures are also durable, cleanable, and offered in dimmable solid-state LEDs in various wattage options for high-performing flexible lighting options. 3form’s Varia material is also environmentally conscious: it is 40 percent pre-consumer recycled PETG, holds a Red List Declare Label, an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), and a Greenguard Gold certification.

Contour Cigar is a 36” H pendant with three available colorways: Wenge, Gray Oak, and White Oak. I/O Drum (22” Dia X 12” H) is available in Gray Oak with Vade. Lastly, LA2 Three Beam comes in two sizes and colors: 12” H in Walnut and Sequence and 8” H in Black Ash and Sequence.