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Intracoastal Offers Favorable Alternative to Canned Chafing Fuels


LAKE PLACID, FLA.—Every year tens of millions of cans of chafing fuel are burned worldwide, emitting hazardous carbon dioxide; they are then disposed of in landfills or oceans. To address that, Intracoastal Innovations Inc. introduces the Buffet Burner Chafing Dish Heater, an eco-friendly, electric alternative that offers incomparable advantages over canned chafing fuels.

Among the features is the “smart” controller which is designed to allow the user to safely and easily adjust the intensity of the temperature. The slim stainless steel profile and patented magnetic design enable this heater to fit most full-size chafing dishes.

The Buffet Burner is a non-consumable product and does not produce any fumes or odors. Green benefits include less damage to the atmosphere by the elimination of harmful emissions as well as limiting the continual manufacturing, transporting, and waste associated with canned chafing fuel.

With each heater replacing an estimated 5,000 cans of fuel, consumers who switch to the Buffet Burner quickly recoup the one-time cost, potentially saving thousands of dollars annually.

The Buffet Burner Chafing Dish Heater is available in 120-volt and 230-volt models. For more information, visit www.BuffetBurners.com or call 1-800-783-0937.