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Igloo Mountain Lodge to Expand Its Eco-friendly Resorts into Whatcom County, Washington


WHATCOM COUNTY, WASH.—With the success of its exclusive beachfront resort in Costa Rica, Igloo Mountain Lodge announced its upcoming expansion into the United States. Construction on 50 of its uniquely styled self-check-in air form domes and a geodesic greenhouse used for social space will commence in Washington State in early 2022.

Having stayed open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Igloo Mountain Lodge has selected a site in Whatcom County Wash. as the location for its first U.S. branch, costing around $5 million to complete. Visitor spending was $705.7 million in Whatcom County in 2018, with lodging accounting for over 10 percent.

The resort will have 50 self-check in domes that combine the best of hotels and vacation rentals. Each unit will have the amenities of a modern vacation home for comfortable stays. They will be designed and equipped specifically for short term rentals.

The construction materials of the air form cabins are built onto a mold in the form of an inflated dome and left to set. The cabins cost 50 percent less in building materials and in energy for heating and cooling, as well as being uniquely stable and resilient due to their monolithic construction. The finished building is covered in vegetation, giving it a breathtaking fairytale appearance.

Solid Structures

“Our bulletproof structures reflect the tenacity and durability of our business model,” says Igloo Mountain Lodge founder Youri Benoiston. “We’re looking a long way into the future with this. The pandemic hasn’t slowed us down, nor will any other disaster.” With travelers becoming more health-conscious, the separate self-contained cabins offer the peace of mind one expects from a relaxing vacation.

Crowdfunding will commence around the 15th of March for the U.S. operation. Anyone can invest, from venture capital firms to individual vacationers impressed by the company’s innovative vision and business model. “It’s simple,” says Benoiston. “Owning a piece of our unique mountain resort will soon be just a click away—as easy as booking a vacation there.”An investment can cost as little as the price of a night stay.

An expert marketing campaign, with over 66,000 Instagram followers, has generated intense interest in Igloo Mountain Lodge’s new venture. Publicity by TV, print media, social media and press conferences will follow.