Founded in 1997, Hotel Emporium is a leader of direct manufacturing of premium hotel amenities, servicing over 11,000 hotels worldwide and specializing in products for guestrooms from the essential to the luxurious. In addition to having our own design team and manufacturing capabilities, we have also pre-selected the best vendors in the business, making us your total solution and central source for all guestroom amenities.

Our mission and motto is to elevate the standards of the hospitality industry with “Quality and Service You Can Trust”. With our true intention to reduce the carbon footprint of the hospitality industry and our global distribution reach, we are at the pole position to make a change in daily consumption habits, especially in bathing products. For this, we are constantly developing our products towards greener alternatives, including a wide range of eco-friendly dry accessories and packaging, dispensers and refill solutions, as well as the Eco Pod—our latest sustainable innovation replacing single-use liquid bath amenities with a zero plastic powder based formulation to reduce plastic waste, bacteria contamination and global carbon footprint.

We take it seriously. Ecolosophy is our fully integrated sustainability awareness program that supports not only an environmentally friendly workplace, but also sustainable manufacturing practices, products and proactive organizations.

For more information, visit our website www.hotelemporium.com.

Contact: Jennifer Bojovic (224) 323-0898; e-mail: jbojovic@hotelemporium.com.