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Healixa Prepares for Launch of Global AquaDuct Water Harvesting Device


NEW YORK—Healixa, Inc., a technology company focusing on building and acquiring innovative and disruptive technologies in the health-tech, clean water, and green-tech industries, announced the completion of the national application filing phase, in accordance with the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), for patent coverage in 132 countries for the company’s Global AquaDuct Atmospheric Water Harvesting (AWH) product.

“As our team prepares for the upcoming commercial launch of our Global AquaDuct water harvesting device, we are ensuring we have robust patent protections in place, and with the final phase of the PCT process now complete, we are one step closer to securing patent coverage in 132 countries globally,” said Ian Parker, Chairman and CEO of Healixa.

Healixa’s AWH technology is a game-changing clean water technology that can harvest potable water directly from the atmosphere almost anywhere on earth with minimal energy using solar power. AWH is not reliant on relative humidity and can be operated sustainably to provide several hundreds of liters of potable water a day with a Global AquaDuct unit.

An estimated 771 million people, approximately 10 percent of the global population, lack access to safe water sources, according to Water.org, a global nonprofit organization.

“Our Global AquaDuct unit is the ideal solution for the global water crisis,” continued Parker. “Using just 5kW of power a day, we anticipate each Global AquaDuct unit will produce 200 liters of potable water with zero carbon operating footprint. These extremely attractive characteristics of the device are key drivers behind our rapidly growing pipeline of indications of interest, which now stand at more than $75 million. Given the growing global interest in the units we strived to secure the broadest possible patent protection.”