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harris125Harris Pillow Supply manufactures the Pillow-Vac©, a machine used to renovate pillows, and also manufacturers quality premium pillows for hotels and resorts.

The Pillow-Vac extends the life of an average pillow indefinitely, drastically reducing the impact on area landfills. It uses an ozone-emitting germicidal light to kill bacteria, sanitize and deodorize the filling. The old pillow is cut open and emptied into a tumble chamber having rotating brushes that expose everything to germicidal lights while breaking up clumps that have formed. It fluffs up the down clusters and sifts out any dust trapped in the pillow. If it’s a feather and/or down pillow, more new filling may be added to bring it back to the density of a new pillow. At the end of the cycle all the filling is blown back into a new, 100 percent cotton feather- and down-proof ticking. The entire process takes an average of three to four minutes per pillow at a fraction of the cost of a new pillow.

“The Pillow-Vac has been a tremendous asset to The Broadmoor,” says Ray Current, laundry manager of the hotel. “We use it daily with about 60 pillows a week being restored. I have been with The Broadmoor for 13 years. For nine years prior I worked at three Hyatts. For these past 21 years, all of these hotels had a Pillow-Vac. I can’t imagine working without one.” Linda Williamson, The Broadmoor’s buyer, said, “Pillow replacement due to pillow failure is almost non-existent.”

Harris Pillow Supply is a family-owned business that has served the hotel and lodging industry since 1958. For more information on the Pillow-Vac or pillows by Harris, visit www.harrispillow.com, e-mail sales@harrispillow.com, or call (800) 845-8240.