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Green Lodging News Adds Insight Energy Solutions as Founding Sponsor


ODESSA, FLA.—Green Lodging News has added Insight Energy Solutions as a Founding Sponsor at the Bronze level. Insight Energy Solutions is committed to engineering proven, turn-key, brand agnostic energy solutions and sustainability projects with its clients. Opportunities are particularly large with hospitality due to its comparatively high energy intensity, varied building loads and seasonal nature.

“Being green does not mean sacrificing the core business of hospitality which is guest experience and comfort,” the company says. “Energy efficiency can and should co-exist within this business model and, in most cases, enhances it.”

Insight Energy Solutions services cover a range of applications but for hospitality the company focuses heavily on HVAC, water and sewer, and smart room controls to maximize savings. The process begins with an energy benchmark and a site visit to baseline consumption, operation, habits, equipment condition, etc. Insight Energy Solutions has tailored, individual solutions for the smallest boutique hotels to the largest premier properties. In addition, it has put together a comprehensive ESG package for shareholders and sustainability managers to facilitate reporting metrics.

The company’s guiding and core principle is to treat every facility as if it were its own. Accordingly, it is brand agnostic and solution driven.

“It is our duty to understand the latest energy technologies and employ them in a viable, use case manner with owner driven outcomes at the forefront,” Insight Energy Solutions says.

Call (615) 922-0773, e-mail scott.stephens@insightac.com, or go to www.insightac.com for more information.

Glenn Hasek can be reached at greenlodgingnews@gmail.com.