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Green Globe Certification Announces Appointment of New CEO

Birte Pelayo

LOS ANGELES—Green Globe Certification, a leading sustainability certification for the travel and tourism industry, announces the appointment of Birte Pelayo to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

Pelayo joined Green Globe Certification in 2009 as a new graduate and has worked across the company with a focus on membership services and certification. Recently Pelayo held the position of Chief Operating Officer, overseeing partnerships and certification verification as well as management of administration services.

“Since joining Green Globe my ambition has been to consistently deliver a highly reliable sustainability certification for hospitality, travel and tourism businesses worldwide,” said Pelayo. “My goal as CEO will be to further develop our independent auditor and consultant network, which currently covers more than 80 countries. Independent verification is essential for genuine sustainability certification. Our professional auditors provide travelers and other consumers with the assurance that Green Globe Certification is a trustworthy indication of our members’ commitment to the planet and its people.

More Tools for Members in the Planning

“In addition, our Green Globe members are always looking for new services that can assist them in their mission of continuous improvement. As countries and corporations commit to net zero emissions by 2050, the environmental aspect of our certification takes on more importance. In cooperation with our partners, we will develop tools to assist our members’ efforts toward this important goal,” added Pelayo.

“Finally, I would like to assure our valuable members that Green Globe will not only be expanding our current services including digital marketing, online tools, and training as well as customer care, but also delivering new benefits as part of the annual membership fee. This year we have already had an unprecedented number of online travel companies requesting partnerships and I will be developing agreements that help our members sell more of their quality tourism products and services,” concluded Pelayo.

With the new appointment, previous CEO Mr. Guido Bauer will now assume a full-time role as company owner. “It has been very rewarding to witness and benefit from Birte’s career growth within Green Globe Certification. More recently, throughout the challenges of COVID, Birte and her team have done an excellent job of maintaining the commitment of our members and supporting them through this difficult time. As the world opens up to travel and tourism, I know Birte is both qualified and dedicated to taking Green Globe Certification to a new level that contributes even more to our industry, while protecting all that is valuable to our members, their management, staff and guests,” said Bauer.

Along with the appointment of Pelayo to CEO, Green Globe Certification announces the launch of its new website. To be located at the current URL greenglobe.com, the new site will streamline information and services for members, and businesses investing in sustainability certification and its benefits.