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Girbau Industrial Releases New Chest Ironing System


OSHKOSH, WIS.—Girbau Industrial’s new PC-120 Flatwork Ironer is engineered to meet the needs of high-volume laundries. Available in natural gas, steam and thermal fluid, it features advanced programmability while producing a high-quality finish in little time. The PC-120 Flatwork Ironer finishes up to 164 feet of linen per minute.

Designed to meet the needs of a variety of high-volume laundry applications, the PC-120 comes available in 118-, 130- or 138-inch finishing widths with up to three, 48-inch diameter rolls. The new natural gas model delivers 93 percent efficiency. The natural gas model is engineered with an integrated boiler that allows the ironer to instantly adjust ironing parameters according to productivity needs, ironing speed, linen moisture and linen type. Unlike the steam models, the PC-120 in natural gas does not require external boilers, which cuts installation and maintenance costs, as well.

All PC-120 models feature the Inteli Control, which delivers complete control over every ironing parameter, including ironing speed, bed temperature, AutoSpeed and roll pressure. The Inteli Control allows for up to 49 different ironing programs to meet the specific needs of a variety of items and applications. Using the PC-120, laundries can quickly process a variety of items—pillowcases, sheets, duvets, tablecloths, robes, napkins, hospital gowns, and more—simply by entering a program number and pressing start.

Feature Adjusts Speed Variables

Engineered with AutoSpeed, PC-120 Ironers properly finish items without dryer conditioning—boosting productivity and reducing labor hours. This patented feature automatically adjusts speed variables to properly dry and finish all types of linen. As linens pass through the ironer, AutoSpeed adjusts ironing speed and temperature according to fabric type and moisture content. This feature eliminates temperature fluctuations, assuring consistent, quality finishing and even drying.
The PC-120 is designed with an extensive fluid-flow area for proper heat transmission to linens and features an S-Coil bed design for uniform heating throughout the entire ironing surface. Designed for safety and years of long life, the ironer bed is machined after welding, tested to a pressure of 20 bars, and mirror-polished.

In order to ensure appropriate ironing pressure across the bed’s surface, perforated cylinders allow for maximum suction and humidity removal, while a heavy-duty SPRINGPRESS spring system delivers consistent pressure against fabric. As linens pass through the ironer, extractor fans located at each cylinder shaft pull moisture away from fabric.

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