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Garrett Creek Ranch Conference Center Begins Native Grass Restoration


PARADISE, TEXAS—Garrett Creek Ranch Conference Center in Paradise, Texas, has become the first property in Wise County to undertake native grass restoration. Through this effort, more than 100 acres have begun to return to the grasses, such as Big and Little Bluestem, Lometa Indiangrass, Blackwell Switchgrass, Sideoats Grama, Canadian Wildrye, Green Sprangletop and Eastern Gammagrass, which fed the region 100 years ago. The property’s remaining 300 acres will be added to the program over the next two years. Additionally, a complete inventory of plants and wildlife has begun through which more than 450 species of plants have been identified by Bob O’Kennon, president, Texas Land Conservancy and vice chairman and research scientist, Botanical Research Institute of Texas.

“It’s more than just an effort to be ‘green,’” said Garrett Creek Ranch owner Jaynie Schultz. “We’re really trying to think through and apply sustainability wherever possible. We like to say, ‘don’t think about the way your parents did things, think about how your grandparents did it.’”

Through a partnership with the TCU Environmental Studies Department, Dr. Tony Burgess and Lenee Weldon completed a conservation plan, nature trail guide and all-inclusive study of the Garrett Creek Ranch property that is being used as the guiding document.

This is part of the overall environmental stewardship program developed by Garrett Creek Ranch leadership that includes a complete sustainability initiative for the conference center facilities and farming for the center’s kitchens. In addition, Garrett Creek Ranch Conference Center was recently selected as a finalist in the Texas Meetings & Events “2009 Readers Choice Best Of Awards” in the category of Green Meetings or Event Venues (Northern Region).

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