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Electric Mirror Unveils New Keen Technology


EVERETT, WASH.—Electric Mirror, a global leader in mirror technology, unveiled the next generation of its patented and energy-savings Keen Technology, which offers improved functionality and is now available at a lower cost.

Keen allows hotel end users to individualize their lighted mirror experience by choosing from eight different lighting levels, as well as a night glow mode, which serves as a night light. Keen includes a function that automatically reduces the light level by 50 percent after being on for an hour, offering significant energy savings.

One of the biggest benefits of the new Keen technology is that it is significantly less costly than the popular original version, which means big savings for hotel owners over traditional dimming controls and wiring configurations. “Keen has been completely re-designed, allowing for easier installation and a dramatic reduction in the purchase price,” said Jim Mischel, CEO of Electric Mirror. “The purpose of the re-design was to improve functionality but one of the benefits that came along with achieving that goal was that it has become less costly to manufacture.”

Keen is environmentally-friendly and is designed specifically for lighted mirrors with LED lighting. It is easy to install, easy to clean, can save up to 60 percent of a lighted mirror’s annual energy consumption, and uses soft start technology for an improved guest experience. “Including Keen in a hotel’s lighted mirrors gives owners a dimming solution that avoids the high costs associated with retrofitting wall dimmers,” Mischel said. “This is especially critical in states like California which have begun requiring dimming controls.”

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