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Ecobookers.com Aims to Help Green Hotels Market Themselves


LEEDS, ENGLAND—The lodging industry has a new Web portal for green hotels to market themselves. The site, www.ecobookers.com, is a unique travel portal created so that the independent traveler can find a range of eco-friendly accommodations, obtain an instant price quote and book or request a room online.

Finding eco-friendly accommodation can be hard work, especially because the term is so loosely defined. How do you know that a hotel or lodge really is eco-friendly and not just greenwashing themselves to cash in on a trend? That’s where www.ecobookers.com comes in.

At www.ecobookers.com, there is a variety of carefully selected accommodations, ranging from jungle lodges and tree houses to luxury camps and boutique hotels. Whether they are active in wildlife conservation or in supporting and improving the lives of their local community, these accommodations not only minimize their footprint but also make a positive impact on their environment. There is an eco-policies section on every hotel page of www.ecobookers.com, providing travelers with the full details and allowing one to decide for oneself if the property passes the green test.