Donastar specializes in helping our customers and our industry. We are the North American leader of hot and cold beverage service and installations delivering fast service and competitive prices. As the world shifts to a more sustainable and greener environment, we want to contribute. We have partnered with Enozo to help other businesses clean and sanitize in an environmentally friendly way. As the world continues to get closer and more crowded, we realize the importance of trying to keep all of us safe and prosperous.

The EnozoPRO is a chargeable spray bottle that customers fill up with tap water. The water goes through a diamond technology that creates aqueous ozone on demand killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including the virus that kills Covid-19. It lasts 500,000 refills which rounds out to about 3 to 5 years depending on how often you use it. One EnozoPRO saves 12,000 aerosol cans and 3,000 plastic bottles. It is a remarkably cost-efficient sanitizer and helps further any business’s green footprint. Not only is the bottle very sustainable, but it leaves no toxic residue making it safe for elders, children and even the most immunocompromised.

Reach out to us over the phone at (833) 366-2782 or e-mail us at enozo@donastar.com. You may also learn more by watching this video.