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CTO Names Gilman Figaro 2019 Distinguished Caribbean Citizen

Gilman Figaro

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS—The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) will present its “Distinguished Caribbean Citizen Award” to Gilman Figaro, Founder and Chairman of the SUNSHINE Awards, for promoting the Caribbean’s culture around the globe by gripping audiences with exciting and entertaining art forms, including dance, music and poetry.

Figaro will be honored during the Caribbean Tourism Industry Awards program which recognizes excellence in promoting the Caribbean and honors individuals whose outstanding, passionate and dedicated work has contributed to the development of the region. The esteemed awards dinner takes place on Thursday, June 6, during Caribbean Week New York.

“The Caribbean Tourism Organization recognizes Gilman Figaro’s drive for promoting Caribbean culture through the creative arts,” said Sylma Brown, Director, CTO-USA. “His untiring hard work, dedication and commitment to positioning the Caribbean as an important region for all art forms are praiseworthy and for that reason, we will honor him with the Distinguished Caribbean Citizen Award.”

Figaro was born in Trinidad and migrated to the United States two years after graduating high school. His determination to enhance the integrity and global awareness of Caribbean art forms led him to create the SUNSHINE Awards. This organization recognizes excellence in the performing arts, education, science and sports of the various Caribbean countries.

Created Student Recognition Program

Always placing a great emphasis on education, Figaro established the SUNSHINE Awards Student Recognition Program which, annually, recognizes and applauds the scholastic achievements of the top students from selected Caribbean islands.

Figaro also co-authored “Song for Montserrat”, which brought together an ensemble of 119 top performing artists from across the Caribbean in a fundraising concert for families in Montserrat who had lost their homes during the volcanic eruption of 1995.

Figaro also scripted and composed the First Annual Indo-Caribbean Music Awards for Jamaica Me Crazy Records for which he adopted a format comparable to the Grammy Awards. He produced and penned the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College’s First Annual Steelband Festival titled “The Pride of the Caribbean,” leading Figaro to subsequently create four shows for well-known pianists, as well as other successful musical endeavors.

Driven by his passion for the Caribbean and its art forms, Figaro has received multiple awards highlighting his dedication to the performing arts, music and Caribbean communities.