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Coronavirus Inactivated After One Wash Cycle in MEIKO Dishwasher


LAVERGNE, TENN.—Restaurants, bars and other types of foodservice operations must protect consumers against the transmission of pathogens that could pose the risk of infection. Wares used in food preparation and service such as dishes, pans and utensils must be properly cleaned and disinfected from germs acquired during food preparation and previous use.

Dishwashing cleaning technology can vary considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer. But specific technological features and processing conditions are required to create the high level of clean that prevents the transmission of disease via food wares.

HygCen Institute in Germany has certified that warewashing operating conditions, combined with the disinfectant cleaning of MEIKO warewashing technology, will safely inactivate the envelope-type coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, as well as all other enveloped viruses after a single wash, which makes MEIKO dishwashers highly effective against these types of viruses.

Risk for Disease Spread Remains High  

The number of people infected with coronavirus, as well as the resulting fatalities, continues to increase around the world. On March 11, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a pandemic. Risk for the spread of the disease still remains high. “Like many companies, MEIKO has been affected by the climate of fear and concern for its employees worldwide,” says MEIKO Managing Director Dr. Stefan Scheringer. “With our technology and expertise we want to—and we can—help to put the virus in its place.”

Cleanliness and sanitation is the top priority during outbreaks. Warewashing technology can be one key in reducing or preventing the spread of disease.

During pandemics, people often think about hospitals and medical centers, but not about how pathogens actually spread. Unfortunately, places we enjoy patronizing the most such as restaurants and other foodservice businesses often play a role in pandemics. “Dishes and cutlery were and still are considered to be critical points in foodservice,” says Virologist Dr. Friedrich von Rheinbaben of HygCen, an internationally recognized and accredited test laboratory for medical devices, disinfectants and similar products, based in Germany.

That means every type of foodservice business from restaurants, to food trucks, to school cafeterias and hospitals, must be able to wash their wares in a safe, sanitary way.

Virus Rendered Harmless

Ensuring sanitized dishes, utensils and other foodservice wares has long been one of MEIKO’s key competencies. And with the newest coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, MEIKO can assure its customers that wares washed for use in foodservice operations in MEIKO rack-type, flight-type, universal washers DV.2/FV.2 Series, and undercounter dishwashing machines will be sanitized to a level that renders the virus harmless. 

“The pathogens do not cause any problems for a commercial MEIKO dishwasher with the special agents used, the special washing mechanism and an increased water temperature,” continues Dr. von Rheinbaben. “MEIKO devices are able to process dishes and cutlery in such a way that they can be reused without hesitation, even if they have previously been used by infected or sick people.”

To combat the coronavirus, additional sanitation measures and procedures are needed both for warewashing technology (such as that from a MEIKO dishwasher) and warewashing staff. The World Health Organization recommends regular hand-cleaning with soap or alcohol-based products. Businesses may also choose to issue special work clothes and/or gloves to warewashing personnel who handle foodservice wares, to heighten internal safety protocols.

HygCen has certified that the continuous systems and processing procedures of MEIKO’s rack-type, flight-type, universal washers DV.2/FV.2 Series, and undercounter dishwashing machines, when used as directed and in good working order according the MEIKO specifications, can inactivate coronaviruses as well as all other enveloped viruses, especially the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

For more information about MEIKO disinfection technology as it relates to virus elimination and protection, visit: meiko.us.