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Corian Design Launches New Solid Surface in Widesheet Dimensions


WILMINGTON, DEL.—Corian Design, a leading global brand in advanced surfacing solutions for interior design and architecture, announced Corian Solid Surface in Widesheet Dimensions, enabling the fabrication of larger, more complex applications in North America. The new Corian Widesheet Dimensions feature a Class A Fire rating, helping designers meet and exceed safety code requirements.

“Corian Solid Surface in Widesheet Dimensions supports architects, designers and fabricators, so they can create solutions that solve the toughest design challenges,” said Catherine Congress, Americas Commercial Marketing Leader at Corian Design. “The product represents an expanded opportunity to serve our customers with a solution that can cover more space with less material waste and provide easier installation periods.”

The new Widesheet Dimensions offer quality and convenience with the added benefit of seamless design in larger, time-saving dimensions. With the same non-porous, easy-to-clean surface you expect from Corian Solid Surface, the new offering eliminates the need to fill multiple seams and provides continuous performance.

Up to 26 Percent in Cost Savings

By helping to optimize the fabrication process for faster installation, the new 60-inch widesheet boasts up to 26 percent in cost savings, can be installed up to 50 percent faster and uses up to 50 percent less material as compared to standard 30-inch sheet sizes. Installers no longer need to join multiple, smaller sheet seams, meaning faster, less labor-intensive installation periods and less material for fabricators to inventory.

In addition to being trusted by design communities around the world, Corian Widesheet is Greenguard Gold Certified, contributes to green building practices and features LEED building accreditation. It is the perfect solution for large scale commercial applications and businesses, including Healthcare, Education, Food Service and Retail.

Corian Widesheet is offered in a range of colors, from patterned veining to bright, clean, simple colors, including: Glacier White, Linen, Cameo White, Antarctica, Modern White, Rain Streak, Lavadrift and Crème Royale.

To learn more, contact your local distributor and explore new dimensions with Corian Solid Surface in Widesheet Dimensions.