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Advance Adds EcoFlex System to Rider-Scrubbers


MINNEAPOLIS—Advance’s EcoFlex System introduces a new level of scrubber flexibility that ends compromises between green cleaning and the cleanliness of floors. Now available on the Advenger rider-scrubber and coming soon on additional Advance scrubbers, the EcoFlex System lets operators easily control the level of cleaning performance needed to scrub hard floors while using environmentally preferable methods.

“Cleaning green makes sense for a lot of reasons,” says Sara Thurston, commercial market manager for Advance. “However, every facility, surface type and cleaning program is different, so assuming that the same green cleaning technique will work in every situation just isn’t realistic.”

The EcoFlex System provides the flexibility needed to take on facility-specific hard-floor cleaning challenges using techniques that minimize environmental and health impacts—and still meet expectations for clean floors.

The EcoFlex System’s ultra-low-flow solution-dispensing mode uses 70 percent less water than traditional scrubbers and is ideal for routine cleaning on lightly soiled floors. An automatic detergent-measuring system dispenses water and detergent separately and at the desired dilution ratio, leaving only clean water in the solution tank. By accurately dispensing water and detergent separately, the EcoFlex System eliminates the hassles of premixing solution, using too much or too little detergent, and dumping unused solution after cleaning.

Flexible Operating System

Operators can easily change detergents, change the dilution ratio or clean with water only, depending on the application. Changing detergents is accomplished by removing one cartridge and inserting another. Opting for water-only scrubbing—occasionally or at regular intervals—eliminates the environmental impact of detergents and helps remove residue that builds up over time from cleaning with detergents.

On heavily soiled areas such as heavy-traffic entryways, the EcoFlex System’s “burst of power” feature delivers an on-the-spot increase in cleaning power. By pressing a single button, operators can increase water flow, dilution strength and pad pressure to provide deep cleaning. The “burst of power” feature adds more cleaning versatility to the Advenger scrubber and eliminates the need to double-scrub or use a different machine on heavily soiled surfaces.

“Having so many options for controlling the performance of the scrubber is what sets the Advenger with the EcoFlex System apart,” Thurston says. “‘One-clean-fits-all’ is a nice idea, but we’ve found that standards for green cleaning—and for what people consider clean—vary widely. The EcoFlex System on the Advenger scrubber gives cleaning professionals the flexibility to get the results they want with minimal impact to the environment.”

Advance is a brand of Nilfisk-Advance, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial and industrial floor maintenance equipment. Go to www.ecoflexsystem.com.