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A Landfill Lesson: How Crushing Your Waste Reduces Your Environmental Impact


NATIONAL REPORT—If you have ever considered or you are weighing the prospect of getting a baler, then reading how it will reduce your environmental impact may push you towards buying one.

Reducing costs is usually the most significant factor behind getting a baler. Any business wants to save money and a baler is a terrific way of doing this. By reducing bin numbers and bin collections and replacing them with a baler, cost savings are virtually guaranteed. This is what attracts businesses to balers first and foremost. When businesses find this to be true, it also comes to light that there balers can have positive impacts in other areas.

Firstly reducing the environmental impact waste can have is another guaranteed positive for businesses when they get a baler. It not only makes your own workplace greener but it also helps the environment that everybody wants to be as green and as clean as possible. There are obvious ways a baler will reduce the impact but some more hidden ways as well.

By baling your recyclables like cardboard and plastic or using a can crusher, your bins will become tidy and won’t overflow, as the waste inside won’t be anywhere near as voluminous. This will also prevent waste from overflowing on to the floor, which then becomes a health and safety issue as well as an environmental problem.

Stacked Bales Collected by Recycler

The bales that are produced can be neatly stacked to await collection; having this stack as well as tidy bins shows customers and inspectors your intention of being an environmentally friendly company. The stacked bales are collected by a recycler (as opposed to a waste management company), which impacts your business and the environment positively.

Firstly the material is recycled, none of it is sent to landfill. Sending recyclables to landfill today is unnecessary and takes up space, which should be used for general waste; at present this is sent to landfill sites, which is a requirement. Saving landfill space is great for the environment and it results in fewer costs for your business. With waste management businesses receiving landfill tax hikes every year now, those businesses that still rely solely on bin collections receive a collection price increase each year. Baling recyclables reduces the amount of bin collections, meaning fewer costs passed on to you. Secondly with fewer bin collections needed, this means less time on the roads for carbon emitting bin lorries, which means less Co2 drifting into the atmosphere.

Reducing your environmental impact is a key advantage of having baler but as mentioned there are other areas that can be focused on.

Saves Time, Space, Labor

Space and time saving is another great advantage of having a baler. Reducing bin numbers easily frees up space as bins are so voluminous in size. Reducing space is great for any business but in small premises they are particularly helpful, as space can be ultra-cramped with bins in the way. One baler has the same footprint as just one bin. Removing two or three bins in place of a baler is therefore an easy and efficient process. A baler also has the flexibility to be situated almost anywhere in the workplace, which allows it to be located as close to the waste source as possible. This leads on to the other advantage of time saving. Instead of a tedious walk to the bin area each time (bins often have their own outdoor area due to mess, smell and space) a short walk to a baler will prove to save a lot of time over an extended period of time. The other time saving advantage is a baler will take whole cardboard boxes, meaning tearing and flat-packing is unnecessary. With bins this unfortunately has to happen, otherwise they fill up in no time at all, meaning even more regular collections than there would be with flat-packed cardboard.

To summarize, a baler will reduce your environmental impact in a substantial way and your business will flourish with a neater, much more pleasant waste area. No more overflowing and smelly mess, all recyclables processed through the baler and waste collected by a recycler, all of which will impress inspectors, customers and the public. You will also lower the effect landfill tax rises will have on your business.

In terms of the whole environment, your baler will help to reduce Co2 emissions, reduce waste sent to landfill and it will increase the amount of recycled material being handled by an actual recycler.

We’d like to thank QCR for this insight.