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Regenerative Travel Prominent on Euronews 2023 Travel Trend Report


Euronews just released its 2023 Travel Trend Report. Almost all the trends touch on sustainability or wellness in one way or another.

First on the list is regenerative travel—nature positive and carbon positive travel. “Tour operators, destination bodies and hotels are tasked with the job of actively repairing, restoring and investing in nature, in order to keep pace with consumer sentiment,” the report says.

Third on the list is Rail Revival. Driving the return to this form of travel is the convenience, cost and lower carbon footprint. “A handful of private companies are reviving night trains across Europe,” the report says. “New routes and technology upgrades will tempt people who are keen to slow their travels down and book multicountry trips more sustainably.”

Fifth on the list is Electrified Escapes. E-bikes, e-scooters, and of course electric vehicles will all become more common and make it easier to tour with a lighter footprint around Europe, the U.S. and other destinations.

Next on the list is an increasing attraction to really getting away from it all—in rural huts and cabins. Euronews attributes this trend to the pandemic which made nature a more preferred escape than urban hotels. Huts and cabins offer a more “intimate, personal” travel experience.

Finally, on the wellness track, the seismic shift toward working at home will encourage remote and hybrid workers to seek out more holidays where they can combine exercise with nature immersion.