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Panasonic Introduces Eco Products Division


SECAUCUS, N.J.—Panasonic Eco Solutions North America introduces the Eco Products Division, formerly known as Panasonic Home & Environment Company. The new Eco Products Division houses Panasonic’s ventilation fan business, which includes 18 advanced lines of high-performance, Energy Star-rated ventilation solutions that improve indoor air quality and comply with the latest building standards and codes.

“At Panasonic, we strive to go beyond providing superior eco products to our customers by offering them comprehensive solutions,” said Dan Silver, vice president, Panasonic Eco Products Division. “The integration of our ventilation fan business with other PESNA units such as Solar Panels, Lighting Controls and Power Tools helps us meet this goal and provides the building industry with integrated solutions for any project.”

From planning to implementation, construction, maintenance, and financing, the complete line of ventilation fans, in conjunction with other PESNA products, will work together to provide comprehensive renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to corporate and public sector organizations.

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