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NatureTech Solutions to Showcase GEN-X-3 at Restaurant Show


LANCASTER, PA.—Foodservice operations must fend off a continuous onslaught of potentially harmful germs and bacteria. Restaurants and other foodservice operations must be ever diligent to keep food preparation and serving areas thoroughly sanitized and disinfected to prevent potentially deadly outbreaks from such bacteria as salmonella and E-coli. Even a minor outbreak can mean closure, lawsuits, and/or irreparable damage to a restaurant’s reputation.

NatureTech’s GEN-X-3TM is a sanitizing and disinfecting system for restaurant and foodservice operators—a chemical-free system that increases their food safety, reduces their operating costs, and communicates their commitment to innovative, eco-friendly practices.

The GEN-X-3TM system is being showcased at the 2013 NRA Show—Chicago May 18 to 21. The unit consists of a compact base station/charger, a handheld spray unit and a container of food-grade catalyst. Using only tap water and a small scoop of catalyst, the solution is activated by a small charge of electricity and generates a chemical-free sanitizing/disinfecting solution that is 80 to 200 times more powerful than chlorine, yet completely food-safe. The container of catalyst creates up to 160 refills.

Reduces Packaging Waste

Using the convenient and economical GEN-X-3TM system to spray down food prep, dining, and even bathroom areas, restaurant and foodservice operators can now kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and foodborne contaminants without the expense, health hazards and bulky packaging associated with chemically based cleaning products. Users generate their own non-toxic sanitization solution on-site, on demand.

Using the convenient, hand-held GEN-X-3TM spray applicator, employees and crew members can kill such dangerous microbes as E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Noro Virus from their workplace almost immediately.

The powerful solution produced by the GEN-X-3TM system is dual-action, performing both as an effective sanitizer and as a thorough disinfectant. As a sanitizer, the GEN-X-3TM solution reduces germs from surfaces to an acceptable, safe level. As a disinfectant, the GEN-X-3TM solution destroys or inactivates germs, viruses, spores, and fungi and inhibits re-growth.

The GEN-X-3TM unburdens small enterprises from the need to purchase separate sanitizing and disinfecting products for kitchen, bathroom and general uses and, further, unburdens those with limited space from needless storage of toxic chemicals and/or disposal of hazardous waste.

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