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AT&T Alliance Channel Adds Smart Irrigation to Portfolio


DALLAS—AT&T Alliance Channel is adding the AT&T Smart Cities—Irrigation solution to its portfolio. The system uses IoT controllers to track water flow and usage in near real-time. AT&T works with HydroPoint, a company specializing in smart water management systems. WeatherTrak smart controllers use the weather to determine water needs. The AT&T network lets solution providers help customers meet water conservation goals and reduce water consumption by an average of 40 percent.

Solution providers can help businesses in retail, office parks, landscaping, golf courses, and hotels and resorts.

“IoT solutions offer new functionality, reliability and capabilities that transcend traditional product limits,” said Kevin Leonard, Vice President, Alternate Channels at AT&T. “Advanced water management lets businesses use near real-time data to manage landscape water management. This will save them money and the planet water.”

The AT&T Smart Cities—Irrigation solution takes the guesswork out of traditional irrigation systems. They are controlled by timers or manual devices and don’t let you manage water remotely. The solution helps stop overwatering. Excess water can erode the landscape or flow off site, carrying fertilizer, pesticides or animal waste into local water systems.

Businesses can also track water usage, identify leaks and breaks in pipes and stop water flow before damage and water waste occurs. The flow management products can retrofit to current systems, making upgrades simple and cost effective.

“Earth Day sheds a light on the issues associated with water conservation,” said Leonard. “We’re all becoming increasingly more sensitive and focused on the waste of the earth’s resources. IoT is helping uncover new solutions to these everyday challenges.”