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Acuity Brands Builds on nLiGHT System


ATLANTA—Acuity Brands, Inc., a provider of energy-efficient lighting and control solutions, announced the addition of wireless capabilities to its nLiGHT network lighting control technology. The nWiFi solution from Sensor Switch uses existing WiFi network infrastructure to further simplify control installation and reduce hardware costs.

The nWiFi solution adds conventional WiFi technology (802.11n) to nLight devices, such as occupancy sensors and relays, enabling them to seamlessly communicate with both wired and wireless nLiGHT lighting control zones. Additionally, nWiFi devices can directly communicate to locally wired nLight devices through CAT-5 cables.

“The addition of nWiFi makes nLight unique, integrating both wired and wireless lighting controls to meet the diverse requirements of any project,” said Ben Hahn, Acuity Brands Lighting vice president and value stream leader for Sensor Switch. “This hybrid approach simplifies installation, reduces labor costs and expands intelligent lighting control possibilities to areas such as renovation and high bay applications that traditionally have been challenging.”

“The application of WiFi is widespread, trusted, and growing, making it the ideal technology for wireless networked lighting controls,” said Steve Lydecker, Acuity Brands Lighting senior vice president and general manager, Controls and Systems. “The nWiFi product line takes full advantage of this evolution and demonstrates our continued commitment to our customers through the development of innovative, cost-effective and technology-driven solutions that meet their needs.”

A digital architecture and networking technology that cost-effectively integrates time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based and manual lighting controls, the nLiGHT system is designed to function in an individual room or networked together across an entire facility or campus. The nLiGHT system significantly cuts energy consumption while enhancing user and occupant convenience.

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