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Allergy friendly rooms, air purifiers, smoke-free hotels. As travelers and workers demand clean air, hotels are finding new and innovative ways to provide it, and getting a marketing kick to boot. Got news or a story idea to share? Contact Glenn Hasek, editor, at (813) 510-3868, or by e-mail at:

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AirRevive to Re-Commission Fan Coil Units at Houston Marriott


DAVIE, FLA.—AirRevive, a leader in sustainable HVAC refurbishment and retrofit services, recently announced its been awarded a guestroom air-conditioning project at the Houston Marriott Medical Center during the hotel’s renovation.

Report Examines Magnitude of Elevator Shaft Vent Heat Loss, Offers Solutions


NEW YORK—Buildings of at least 10 stories in height have the most potential to suffer from the chimney effect if rooftop vents are open at the top of elevator shafts. The chimney effect occurs when heated air is given an opportunity to escape through a rooftop. This can add costs, of course, as makeup air coming into the building through the lobby must be heated. According to Grant Salmon, Deputy Director, Steven Winter Associates, New York, the taller the building, the greater the chimney effect. “In a taller building there is greater pressure,” he says. “The temperature differential also impacts the pressure.” Exposure to wind can accelerate the effect and “tight” buildings can be impacted more. In some cities, New York for example, elevator shaft vents have been required to remain open to improve fire safety. According to a report prepared by Urban Green Council for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), however, a 2014 change to the New York City Building Code allows new solutions. The report is entitled, “Spending Through the Roof.”

Green Seal Expands Standard for Paints, Coatings, Stains, Finishes


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Green Seal, the nation’s first independent nonprofit certifier of sustainable products and services, has introduced a revised version of its GS-11 Standard that is expanded to cover most types of architectural coatings on the market today.

Onset Paper Focuses on Managing Carbon Dioxide Risk


BOURNE, MASS.—Onset, a leader in data loggers, announced the availability of a new white paper, “Managing Carbon Dioxide Risk: What You Should Know.” Developed by Onset and Greg Lowitz, CEO and founder of the structural forensics firm Buildera, this 13-page guide explains the risks associated with elevated carbon dioxide levels and discusses how data logging can be a cost-effective indicator of degraded indoor air quality and sick-building syndrome.

Excel Dryer Introduces ThinAir Hand Dryer


EAST LONGMEADOW, MASS.—Excel Dryer, Inc. introduces the new ThinAir Hand Dryer, a high-efficiency surface-mounted model that protrudes no more than four inches from the wall, making it ADA-Compliant. ThinAir dries hands in 15 seconds, operates on 960 watts. “The ThinAir Hand Dryer eliminates the need to recess the dryer into a restroom wall to achieve ADA compliance, which is beneficial for facilities with walls that are difficult to modify,” said Excel Dryer Vice President of Marketing, William Gagnon.

Hand Dryer Makers Innovate to Reduce Energy Consumption, Improve Hygiene


NATIONAL REPORT—Earlier this summer hand dryer maker Dyson Inc. released an e-mail linking to a video that demonstrates how one of its competitor’s hand dryers can potentially blow washroom air containing bacteria, viruses and even fecal matter onto your hands. Of its competitor’s hand dryer, the video said, “It sucks in the dirty air and blows it straight onto your hands so you think your hands are clean…but are they?” Other Dyson videos focusing on two other competing hand dryers make similar claims—that the two dryers just redistribute dirty air. Whether true or not, what the videos show is how much more complicated and confusing a hand dryer buying decision has gotten in recent years. In this highly competitive space there are many different types of hand dryers from which to choose—“eco” models, ones with sophisticated filters, “hands in” dryers that require emptying of water, ones touting anti-bacterial coatings, and even ones with LEDs incorporated into the design.

AirRevive Completes Fan Coil Unit Refurbishment at Marriott Hotel


DAVIE, FLA.—AirRevive announces the completion of a hotel guestroom fan coil unit refurbishment project at the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott, a fixture at Newark Airport since 1983.

Seresco Adds Compact Cabinet Models to NE Series


DECATUR, GA.—Seresco USA Inc., Decatur, Ga., a leading indoor pool mechanical dehumidifier manufacturer, introduces the three-model NE Series Compact Cabinets, which are pool/spa room dehumidifiers with enclosures designed specifically for mounting above suspended ceilings and other small, tight spaces. The Compact Cabinet models target humidity control in small aquatic-centric spaces containing physical therapy pools, spas, swim-spas and other small vessels used in healthcare, medical office, assisted living, condo, small hotel and residential buildings.

Green Lodging News Adds AirRevive Case Study to Website


ODESSA, FLA.—Hasek Communications, the Odessa, Fla.-based publisher of Green Lodging News, has added an AirRevive case study to its website. The case study details the successful refurbishing and re-commissioning of 167 fan coils at a Marriott hotel—a process that took 21 days.

New York Bill Would Eliminate Smoking Rooms in Hotels


ALBANY, N.Y.—A bill proposed by state lawmaker Ken Zebrowski (A08371) would ban smoking rooms within lodging establishments in New York. Zebrowski announced the legislation during a press event last week at the Crowne Plaza in Suffern—Mahwah, N.Y. He was joined by the general manager of the Crowne Plaza as well as by a representative of the American Lung Assn. The American Lung Assn., POW’R Against Tobacco, American Cancer Society and the American Heart Assn. have all expressed support of the legislation. Zebrowski told Green Lodging News that he was inspired to act because of his own experiences staying at hotels in New York. “I travel to Albany and mainly stay in hotels,” he says. “If I were placed anywhere near a smoking room I would start to smell smoke. When someone was smoking below me it was like someone was smoking in my room. It occurred to me that hotel staff was aware of this but could not do anything about it.”

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