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Porous Pave About to Reach Environmental Milestone


GRANT, MICH.—When Greenbuild, the largest international green building conference and expo, convenes next month in Los Angeles, Porous Pave, Inc. (booth 921) will celebrate a major environmental milestone: surpassing 7.5 million pounds of recycled rubber used in manufacturing its permeable paving material. An eco-friendly green building product made in the United States, Porous Pave is a highly porous, durable and flexible paving material consisting of recycled rubber, chipped granite aggregate and a liquid binder. The controlled shredding and processing of discarded tires produces the 1/8-1/4-inch, fine-cut chips of recycled rubber incorporated into Porous Pave.

“Topping 7.5 million pounds of recycled rubber is an achievement for the environment,” said Dave Ouwinga, President, Porous Pave, Inc. “For us it also signifies the continued confidence of builders, landscape architects and contractors to request, specify and install Porous Pave for a wide range of public, commercial and residential applications of permeable paving.”

Porous Pave retains stormwater on site, decreasing the volume and velocity of runoff into storm drains and storm sewers. While the porosity of permeable pavers is limited to only the joints between them, the entire surface of Porous Pave is porous. For superior performance, it is engineered with up to 29 percent total void space. Water drains through it at a tested permeability rate of 5,800 to 6,300 gallons of water per hour per square foot.

With its recycled rubber, Porous Pave is slip resistant and resilient. It will not freeze, heave, crack or crumble. A pour in place material that can express any hardscape or landscape plan, Porous Pave offers design versatility and application flexibility. It is the only proven material for installing permeable surfacing on slopes of up to 30 degrees. Porous Pave is available in a variety of permanent and fade resistant colors.

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