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Marble Shine Services Introduces StoneClean Concentrate Cleansers


SALEM, ORE.—Marble Shine Services introduces the StoneClean Concentrate line of cleansers from Richard James Specialty Chemicals (RJSC). They are available for purchase in a sample quart or gallon container at buystoneclean.com.

RJSC cleansers and sealers and finishes have all three elements to qualify as “environmentally friendly”—absence of toxic compounds: short biodegradation time, and “rinse-ability free”.

StoneClean Plus Hard Surface cleaner is the ideal cleanser for polished granite countertops. It is fast in environmental breakdown while providing a residue free surface to help make the surface resistant to discoloration, odor and degradation due to microbial and fungal contaminations. One quart will make 16 gallons of usable spray bottle cleaning chemistry.

RJSC also develops and markets environmental high-performance aqueous coatings, colorants, and renewable finishes for concrete, engineered cement, natural stone, and other architectural building materials. Contact marbleshine57@yahoo.com, or place an order at buystoneclean.com.