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Iberostar Group Appoints Erika Harms Director of Coastal Health

Erika Harms

PALMA DE MALLORCA—Iberostar Group has announced the appointment of Erika Harms as Director of Coastal Health in the Group’s Sustainability Office. The global pandemic has demonstrated more than ever, the need for businesses that protect their communities and the environment in which they operate. This is why Wave of Change has allowed Iberostar to lead the road to responsible recovery in the tourism sector, recognized by WTTC, the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, UNWTO, UNEP, among others. In addition to the company’s leading work in Circular Economy and a Responsible Consumption of Seafood, the Mallorcan company’s work in Coastal Health has been a differentiating factor in these forums. The work of discovering, protecting and restoring the ecosystems surrounding its resorts, highlighted in media such as ForbesEuronewsBusiness Traveller, Edie.net, among others, has highlighted the authenticity, scientific rigor and creative solutions that Iberostar Group is providing as a tourism company.

In the words of Sabina Fluxá, Vice-Chairman and CEO at Iberostar Group, “Erika will bring her experience from the world of public institutions, from nonprofit organizations and from the private sector to help transform Wave of Change’s work in coastal health into an example of responsible tourism in the sector.”

Harms, who is currently working at the World Resources Institute, has more than a decade of experience in the field of responsible tourism and sustainable ocean economy. Among other projects, she collaborated in the founding of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and has spent the last two years coordinating the Advisory Network of the  High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy, in which 14 countries committed to sustainably manage their ocean waters and where Iberostar co-chairs the Tourism Action Coalition for a Sustainable Ocean.