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microSURE™ persistent nano-technology germ killing products go to war on 99.99% of harmful microorganisms. When applied a barrier of crystal killing spikes bonds to hands and surfaces creating a lasting barrier that stays working long after it is applied. As germs come into contact with surfaces they are punctured by the killing spikes on contact and die. This results in a mechanical kill—allowing the surface of an object to destroy the cell walls. This is different than a chemical kill which uses chemicals that provide no lasting protection after it dries. Never sacrifice safety for product performance again. Call Walt Strasser at (301) 354-5055.



Featured in Allure and chosen as one of Well+Good’s top 6 picks, our Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizing Aloe is as gentle to skin as it is high performing. This botanical-enriched hand gel helps defend against harmful bacteria. Containing premium grade alcohol at higher levels than the CDC’s 60% minimum recommendation, our antiseptic is infused with citrus essential oil and hydrating glycerin to combat the drying effects of alcohol. Now available in 1 oz, 2 oz, 10 oz and bulk sizing, as well as in our NEW Clean & Calm Hygiene Essentials Kit, a long-lasting bundle of wellness products. Contact LATHER via email at sales@lather.zohodesk.com or by phone at (626) 397-9050, ext. 208. Learn more at www.latherhotel.com.