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Energy Department Launches New Indoor Lighting Campaign


WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Energy Department has launched a new indoor lighting campaign to increase the use of high-efficiency lighting technologies in commercial buildings. Through the Better Buildings Alliance, the Department is working with key stakeholders and end users in both the public and private sectors to install and demonstrate advanced technologies. Additionally, the Department recognized Advanced Roof-top Unit Campaign partners and Green Lease Leaders for collaboration between building owners, landlords and tenants to improve energy efficiency.

“Through the Better Buildings Alliance, building owners are finding novel and exciting ways to save energy all across their portfolios,” said Dr. Dave Danielson, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. “By deploying cost effective technologies available in the marketplace today, we’re seeing building owners and tenants realize major business and environmental benefits resulting in substantial energy savings.”

Currently, interior lighting accounts for 20 percent of U.S. commercial building energy use. More energy efficient troffer lighting offers savings of 25 percent (57 kilowatt-hours) or $6 over a typical T8 troffer used today. The Better Building Alliance’s Interior Lighting Campaign (ILC) will support building owners as they commit to upgrade current fluorescent lights. The goal for the first year is for partners to install 100,000 high-efficiency troffers and share their success and learning with others. Upgrading 100,000 fixtures can reduce energy use by 5 million kWh, cut greenhouse gas emissions by 3,000 metric tons of carbon and save $500,000 in electricity bills annually.

Similar to ILC, the Advanced Roof-top Unit Campaign (ARC) is part of a suite of efforts designed to accelerate the adoption of new technologies. The Energy Department announced ARC results of building owners that are replacing or retrofitting the aging heating and cooling technologies installed on roofs of many of U.S. commercial buildings. Since 2013, ARC has spurred over 190 public and private sector organizations to replace or retrofit 40,000 high-efficiency, commercial building roof-top units (RTUs). This has saved 4 trillion BTUs of energy or $37 million dollars.

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