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Carrier Offers i-Vu Building Automation as a Service


CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Carrier has added building automation as a service to its i-Vu portfolio. The new i-Vu Cloud solution allows customers to purchase a subscription for the i-Vu building automation system (BAS) software, where Carrier hosts their BAS server, provides ongoing server maintenance and performs automatic software upgrades. The new hosted option gives customers an additional choice for deploying their i-Vu BAS, helps them scale for growth and helps reduce their support burden. Carrier is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, a leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions.

The i-Vu Cloud solution eliminates the need for customers to install, configure and manage their own building automation server in the building. Instead, building owners and facilities staff can spend less time supporting their BAS server, and more time keeping occupants comfortable and productive, while saving energy in their buildings.

“The new i-Vu Cloud solution provides building owners with a cost-effective building automation system that is scalable, secure and reliable,” said Mark Jones, Business Manager, Carrier Commercial Controls. “Customers can now reap the benefits of a powerful BAS that helps them save energy in their buildings without the upfront and ongoing support costs of a BAS server, while remaining confident that Carrier is managing, maintaining, and keeping their system safe and secure around the clock.”

Ideal for New & Existing Customers

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud offering, i-Vu Cloud is ideal for both new and existing customers. It provides a reliable, scalable, infrastructure on demand as well as a secure, isolated computer environment for each i-Vu Cloud deployment and leverages AWS Application Migration Service to make the transition seamless for existing customers.

The i-Vu Cloud solution can evolve and adapt to keep customers on pace with their changing and growing building needs. As HVAC equipment and controllers are added to a building, or when more data or trend storage is needed, customers have the option to reserve more capacity on the hosted server, allowing customers to right-size their subscription to match their requirements.

Customers will also have peace of mind knowing that i-Vu Cloud uses BACnet Secure Connect to encrypt network communications and keep their building automation networks secure. AWS cybersecurity products also help keep customer sites protected.

For more information on i-Vu Cloud, please visit carrier.com/ivu.